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Year 5 & 6 STEM Fair Visit

On Tuesday 8th March, Years 5 and 6 travelled to CEMAST in Fareham to spend the day at a STEM fair. The children spent the day in small groups going to various workshops which were run by a company or organisation with a Science, Technology, Engineering of Mathematics link. Each group visited the following stalls during the day:

  • BAM Construction Ltd - Building bridges using blocks over a railway, road and river
  • University of Portsmouth Biological Sciences - Extracted DNA from a piece of fruit and learnt about the make up of our own DNA
  • Selex ES - Created clay moulds using plaster and learnt about how aluminium moulds are formed 
  • Airbus - Learnt about the materials used in sending satellites into space 
  • Queen Elizabeth Country Park & Staunton Country Park - Discussed habitats of animals and their adaptations to their habitats. The children held hissing cockroaches, stick insects and an African land snail!
  • Solent First Aid Academy -  Built and labelled a human skeleton and learnt how to bandage a dog
  • NHS Pathology - Made a model vein and the put the different parts of our blood inside it using Cheerios and marshmallows. The children also made red blood cells of different blood groups using playdough
  • CEMAST Electrical Engineering - Programmed a lego robot to navigate through a maze

The children and adults had a really enjoyable time. George Lewis said that he would recommend the fair to other children and Emily Dexter-Halliday said that you got the opportunity to learn about things you wouldn't get to learn about in school. Danny Hoe in Year 6 said that the stalls were really informative and they had lots of hands on activities, Milena Harrison said that all the stalls were really interesting and had lots of facts to learn!

Take a look at our photos here.

Thank you to adults who came and helped out.