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Our curriculum

We aim to achieve a balance between a knowledge and skills led curriculum as we recognize the importance of both. Our curriculum design ensures that individual subjects are separate disciplines but that also meaningful links are made and explored. We start with the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework and the National Curriculum and then make it relevant and pertinent for our pupils as we prepare them for the next step in their life.

As a school we are clear about achieving the right balance between teaching a broad and interesting curriculum alongside setting targets for attainment and progress as measured in statutory assessments. Pupils are explicitly taught subject specific vocabulary and technical language. Working walls aid pupils with this knowledge and skill development and are created through collaborative work. 

Cohort needs and our local context also play a huge part in our curriculum design. Whilst meeting our statutory expectations we also respond to current events and what is important or relevant to our pupils in global, national and local contexts. A recent example can be seen within Year 5 with knowledge and skills set within a unit regarding plastic pollution. We constantly reflect on our curriculum design and change it over time in response to evaluation and feedback measures.

Progression and coverage are monitored by subject leaders and ongoing assessment is used evaluate pupil progress and inform curriculum design and improvement. We fully utilise the Local Authority’s professional development and advisory service as well as sharing expertise with other schools.

The school website contains curriculum maps and detail for each subject including links to statutory content.

Families are kept up to date with curriculum content through home-school communication, invitations to special events or assemblies as well as open events where your child hosts you and shows you evidence of their learning; open mornings/afternoons; parent/teacher meetings and subject workshops.

More information about the statutory content of the curriculum can be found via the following links;



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