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Art and design



Emsworth Primary School is an inclusive school that believes every child is unique. Art and Design lessons provide a time within the school week where children can show their creativity and individuality. It is our intention to inspire every young artist to explore, experiment and invent their own works of art and design.

'Every child is an artist' Pablo Picasso.

Through art and design children will be exposed to practical lessons where they can build on a range of skills. They will learn and develop their knowledge of a diverse range of artists, designers, crafts makers and architects from different cultures and backgrounds. They are encouraged to think critically and understand how art and design reflects and shapes our history.

'Art has the role of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else' Sydney Gurewitz Clemens. 

We realise the importance of children becoming individual artists within a whole school community. Children learn how to make their own creative choices and decisions so that their outcomes, as well as being knowledge-rich, are unique to the pupil. We ensure there are opportunities for collaborative artwork, whether that be in classes, year groups or as a whole school.

Art in the community


We support art within the local community and welcome any links with local artists or photographers. We are always on the lookout for any new and exciting projects and competitions.

In the Spring term, the children created a spring flower display for the Old Pharmacy in Emsworth. Each child from Year R- 6 created a flower to brighten up the window and welcome in the new season for the local community. The children thoroughly enjoyed the making process as well as being part of a collaborative project that linked the school with the community. They enjoyed going to visit their artwork on display and the pharmacy are keen to display more artwork throughout the year so please keep your eyes peeled!


 At EPS we follow the Kapow Primary Art and Design scheme of work which uses the National Curriculum attainment targets and covers the National Society for Education in Art and Design's competencies. Through this scheme, the children will be taught these strands that run throughout and are revisited every unit:

  • Art and Design Skills (drawing, painting, sculpture, printing, textiles, collage, digital media)
  • Formal Elements (line, shape, tone, texture, pattern, colour)
  • Knowledge of artists
  • Evaluating

The 'Art and Design Skills' and 'Formal Elements' are practised discretely. It follows a spiral curriculum model and therefore skills are revisited again and again with increasing complexity.

Art Club


Art club runs weekly and is led by Miss Diver (Art Subject Lead). It is available to all children and alternates between KS1 and KS2 for each half term. The children get to take part in a range of creative and practical activities inside or outside and get to suggest activities or mediums that they would like to work with. 



 Our Art and Design curriculum allows children to...

  • produce creative work, exploring and recording their ideas and experiences
  • gain proficient art and design skills
  • evaluate and analyse creative works using subject specific knowledge
  • know about great artists and the historical  and cultural development of their art
  • meet the end of key stage expectations outlined for the National Curriculum for Art and Design.

Children's attainment in art and design is formatively assessed by the teacher from lesson to lesson, using the lesson objectives, as well as at the end of a unit, looking back over the knowledge catcher with the children or taking part in the end of unit quiz. Every child uses a sketchbook, to show the build up of skills and the thought processes. Photos are taken frequently to be added to sketchbooks to show the complete journey of each unit.




Whole School Art and Design Curriculum Overview 


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

Ourselves – portraits, drawing, paint, collage, Picasso

Toys – observational drawing.

 Materials- collage

/textures/textiles. Xmas cards

Sculptures- Spinnaker Tower


Growing- photography, paint, drawing, clay, printing

Daffodil - observational drawing

Animals around the world- patterns/ camouflage, paint, textiles collage, Artist-Henri Rouseau

Great Fire of London- clay, silhouettes collage, paint

Year 2

Castles -collage, printing, clay, paint, Paul Klee "castle and the sun"

Pirates - collage, colour mixing. 3D junk model, Fireworks - pastels.


collage, sketching, paper modelling

Andy Goldsworthy

Autumn- colour mixing, clay bowls



Observational drawings of local plants and flowers

Titanic – drawing, watercolour paintings, junk modelling - structures

Year 3

Stone age – clay circles, Neolithic stone balls. drawing, cave paintings Sketching at Butser Ancient Farm

Watercolour -stone circles at sunset.

Xmas cards.

Printing flags.

Environmental drawing, painting.

Plants – watercolour painting – link to artists

Romans – mosaic collage, observational drawing of artefacts, clay coins.

Skeleton – observational drawing of bones/skulls.

Self- portraits – link to artists.

Year 4

Landscapes – drawing, painting- Artist- John Constable, Monet


Anglo-Saxons – paper and paste


Alfred the Great- painting 

Artist-Andy Warhol- printing

Textiles – collage, observational drawing

Art from other cultures- Indian, African

Year 5

Space- Peter Thorpe - space art


Crime and Punishment- mod roc sculpture (Giacometti inspired)

Egyptians -clay masks

European artists- paint - Kadinsky

Journeys - collage/textiles

Planet Earth -Habitats and animals- paint, draw

Year 6

Observational drawing



Drawing,paint- Lowry

Xmas cards- pop up

Ancient Greek - clay tile fragments

Printing, drawing - rainforests

Printing drawing, rainforests

Drawing, art gallery visit