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At Emsworth Primary School, our intent is for our keen young geographers to be fascinated and inspired to develop knowledge and understanding about their locality, the United Kingdom and globally significant and special locations around the world.

They are actively engaged to learn map and fieldwork skills, including first-hand observations, enhancing their locational awareness and can use vocabulary relating to their human and physical geography. A number of our school trips are linked to our geography curriculum and we also ensure to include seasonal trips our local environment including Emsworth shoreline, Brook Meadows, Dell Quay and Chichester Harbour Conservancy and Portsmouth dockyard.


The implementation of geographical enquiries teaches children to recognise, describe and explain features and connections in the places studied, comparing similarities and differences and evaluating what this means to them in their local community whilst helping them make sense of the world.


The impact of learning geography at Emsworth Primary School is that the curiosity and detailed knowledge, skills and understanding they gain will remain with them for life.


As a school we are proud to cover so many beautiful places around the world - we enjoy creating links to towns and countries that hold a connection amongst our staff, from siblings in beautiful Uganda to time spent travelling in vibrant Argentina.

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