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Safeguarding ONLINE

Technological hardware and software is developing continuously with an increase in functionality of devices that people use. The majority of children use online tools to communicate with others locally, nationally and internationally and now to access their online school learning.   Access to the Internet and other tools that technology provides is an invaluable way of finding, sharing and communicating information.  While technology itself is not harmful, it can be used by others to make children vulnerable and to abuse them. Please use the following information to help keep your child safe online:

Safeguarding pupils and teachers during remote education

Keeping pupils and teachers safe during remote education is essential. Teachers delivering remote education online are aware that the same principles set out in the school’s code of conduct apply. School contact with parents and carers during this time will be used to reinforce the importance of children staying safe online.

Pupils’ engagement with remote learning will be monitored in terms of appropriate content, actively looking for signs of harm and to check in on families if there is not any engagement or a low level.

We will ensure parents and carers are aware of what their children are being asked to do, including:

  • sites they will be asked to use
  • school staff their child will interact with
  • gaining clear consent for participation in the school’s online learning platforms.

We will continue to emphasise the importance of a safe online environment and encourage parents and carers to set age-appropriate parental controls on digital devices and use internet filters to block malicious websites. These are usually free, but often need to be turned on.

We have Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL) and will ensure there is always one of them present on the school site and others available by email or phone:

DSL: Laura Newton, Acting Headteacher l.newton@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Deputy DSL: Richard Boxall, Acting Assistant Headteacher and SEN and Inclusion r.boxall@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Deputy DSL: Marie Lockton, Welfare Officer m.lockton@emsworth@hants.sch.uk

Deputy DSL: Amanda Shepherd, Assistant Headteacher a.shepherd@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

There is a DSL assigned as co-teacher for every class on their online learning platforms.

Online Safety and Social Media

With the current speed of on-line change, some parents and carers have only a limited understanding of online risks and issues. Parents may underestimate how often their children come across potentially harmful and inappropriate material on the internet and may be unsure about how to respond.  Some of the risks could be:

  • unwanted contact
  • grooming
  • online bullying including sexting
  • digital footprint

The school will therefore seek to provide information and awareness to both pupils and their parents through:

  • Acceptable use agreements for children, teachers, parents/carers and governors
  • Curriculum activities involving raising awareness around staying safe online
  • Information included in letters, newsletters, web site, official school media
  • Parent workshops
  • High profile events / campaigns e.g. Safer Internet Day
  • Building awareness around information that is held on relevant web sites and or publications
  • Online safety policy

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