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spring term 2 2024  



Sharing books and stories to promote a love of reading and talking about books.  We will look at all kinds of Growing this half term. We are going to start with a week on Down at the Farm, finding out about the animals and jobs on a farm. We are then going to launch into a few weeks on Growing as Spring approaches. We will use a variety of popular texts to support this and finish with a celebration of Spring and Easter. 


Here are just a selection of the books we may use:







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We will finish Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs using Pearson Bug Club and then have a time for revision. We will also have a focus on tricky words that come in this phase.


Our aim is for children to be able to hear the sound, recognise the letter and use them to blend and segment words for reading and writing.


Please see the support materials sent home each week and don’t forget to make use of the Bug Club website and allocated phonic books.




Children may already have had some experience of weight through carrying heavy and light items. The children will be encouraged to make direct comparisons holding items to estimate which feels the heaviest then use the balance scales to check. They will be prompted to use vocabulary such as heavy, heavier than, heaviest, light, lighter than, lightest to compare items.


Grouping and Sharing

The children will probably already have some experience of sharing and will be quick to point out when items are not shared fairly.


During snack time or group activities, children will be encouraged to check that the items are shared equally and that everyone has the same. The children will also be given opportunities to recognise and make equal groups. They will be prompted to notice that sometimes there are items left over when they share or group. The children will be asked to come up with their own suggestions for how to resolve this.


Odd and Even Numbers

The children will begin to understand that some quantities will share equally into 2 groups and some won’t. They may also notice that some quantities can be grouped into pairs and some will have one left over. Children will be provided with opportunities to explore these ideas in different contexts as they play and to talk about what they notice.


Number Bonds up to 10

The children will be given opportunities to explore number bonds to 10 using a variety of different resources such as real life objects in different contexts, bead strings, 10 frames, fingers and Numicon.



Children will build earlier AB pattern work by producing more complex patterns. The children will explore patterns which use items more than once in each repeat. For e.g. ABB, AAB, AABB, AABBB


Children will be encouraged to say each pattern aloud and to create patterns around the edge of shapes as well as in straight lines.



The children will use real objects to see that the quantity of a group of objects can be changed by taking objects away. The first, then, now structure will be used to create mathematical stories in meaningful contexts. The children will be encouraged to count out all of the items at the start, take away the required amount practically, and then subitise or recount to see how many are left.                                                                                          

          Personal, Social and Emotional development

Personal, Social and Emotional development

Through our daily classroom life and our interactions we will continue to build relationships and encourage the children to express their feelings and consider the feelings of others. We will also use stories and planned activities to develop these skills.




Don't Hold On To What's Wrong!

Children will learn how to process negative emotion and choose forgiveness to restore relationships.                                                                                                                       

          Physical Development

Physical Development

This area will focus on developing gross motor skills through activities designed to strengthen muscles and engage in physical games outside. Fine motor skills and pencil grip will be developed through focusing on letter formation linked to our Phonic teaching, opportunities to make patterns, trace, thread, use dough and other malleable materials, and use a variety of tools in different contexts                                                                       

          Communication and Language

Communication and Language

Talk forms a major part of the experiences in Early Years. Children will be encouraged to engage in daily story times, learn rhymes poems and songs and engage in non-fiction books. We will introduce new vocabulary through our story choices and help the children to articulate their ideas and thoughts in well-formed sentences and to become more confident speakers in a range of contexts.


We have been sent some advice on how to develop communication and language in the home.  Please click here to find out more.

          Understanding the World

Understanding the World

This half term we will continue to look at seasonal changes around us and developing observation skills, learning new vocabulary and making simple comparisons. Using our school grounds, we will explore Spring.


Through our themes this half term we will also look at seeds, plants, how they things grow, life cycle of a plant, what plants need to grow and the parts of a plant.        

          Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design

Our aim is to offer our children the opportunity to explore different tools, materials and techniques through our play provision. We will explore collage through flowers, making clay mandalas with seeds, mixing shades of green for Jasper’s Beanstalk,  printing in the style of Andy Warhol.


They will also have the chance to visit the music studio and learn some new songs and to add movement to music. We will have a focus on Creating simple actions to songs, learning how to move to a beat and expressing feelings and emotions through movement to music.                                          



For more information about the Early Years curriculum please click here


spring term 1 2024

Here are some photos of our children's learning this half term showcasing art, writing and science based on the themes of rain and water. The children created rainy pictures, used collage for rainbows and much more. 


Here are some photos showing the children’s wonderful learning this half term.


EY Spring Term 1 2024