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Summer Term 2022

Summer 2 2022

Please click on the subject headings for information about our focus this half term.


Spatial Reasoning

The children will be given opportunities to complete jigsaws and shape puzzles. They will explore selecting and rotating shapes to fit a space. Children will be asked to explain why they chose a particular shape and why a different shape would not have fit.

 Addition and Subtraction

The children will use real life objects to see that a quantity of objects can be changed by adding more or by taking objects away. The first, then, now structure will be used to create mathematical stories in meaningful contexts. They will be encouraged to also use known number facts to solve simple number sentences.


The children will learn that double means ‘twice as many’. They will be given opportunities to build doubles using real objects and mathematical equipment.


The children will probably already have some experience of sharing and will be quick to point out when items are not shared fairly. During snack time or group activities, the children will be encouraged to check that the items are shared equally and that everyone has the same

The children will also be given opportunities to recognise and make equal groups. For example can you put 3 crackers on each plate or plant 2 flowers into each pot.

The children will notice that sometimes there are items left over when they share or group. They will be encouraged to come up with their own suggestions for how to resolve this.

Odd and Even

The children will begin to understand that some quantities will share equally into 2 groups and some won’t. They may also notice that some quantities can be grouped into pairs and some will have one left over. Children will have opportunities to explore these ideas in different contexts as they play and to talk about what they notice.


Our theme this half term is Minibeasts and our fiction and non fiction will be linked to this.  We will be sharing some popular titles e.g. The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Aaaarrgghh. Spider!, Snail Trail and various poems.


In writing we will be applying all of our phonic knowledge and tricky words to a variety of writing opportunities including: labels, lists, captions and story writing.

In handwriting we are beginning to learn the basics of cursive writing using the 'Letterjoin' scheme.

In reading we will be continuing to read individually and in small guided groups with phonically matched books.


 As we have completed all of the phonic content for Year R we are taking the time to consolidate our skills.  We will be revising digraphs, trigraphs, all tricky words and longer words.  We will continue to apply phonic knowledge to reading and writing, including dictated sentences.

            Personal, Social and Emotional development

 As we near the end of this our focus is to encourage the children to be confident, to try new activities and show independence, resilience and perseverance in the face of challenge. These will be valuable skills as they approach the transition to Year 1.

            Physical Development

Our PE sessions will take place outside this term and therefore we will focus on running, jumping, climbing and negotiating space. We will use a range of small equipment to teach aiming ,throwing, catching and for the children to make up their own games.

We look forward to preparing for a variety of sports day races.

            Communication and Language

Our focus on vocabulary development will continue through Literacy and other curriculum areas. Children will be encouraged to offer their own ideas and ask questions to clarify their understanding.

            Understanding the World

Our Longitudinal Study on the Seasons will now focus on Summer and the natural changes and processes that happen in the natural world.

We will be looking at minibeasts and their habitats, making observations and drawing pictures of them.

            Expressive Art and Design

The children will explore a variety of materials, tools and techniques, experimenting with colour, design, texture, form and function. We will be producing art relating to minibeasts, including Lucy Arnold's 'Peacock spiders' and snails inspired by Henri Matisse.


Opportunities will be provided for the children to invent, adapt narratives and perform to an audience with others in a range of contexts.

Summer 2 2022


Summer 1 2022

This half term we have looked at Traditional Tales - The Gingerbread Man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  We have also looked at tales from African reading Handa's Surprise and learnt about Africa as a country.  The children attended an exciting African activities day in June.  They worked together to create rhythm using the African drums, found out about the symbols and provers of the Akan people and created their own Adinkra Cloth. 

Here are some photos of our children participating in all of the African activities throughout the day.

EY African activities day 09.06.22