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 Year 2 Remote Education

 Welcome to our Year 2 online learning page. 



 Welcome Penguins and Puffins! 

This page will be updated if there is need for year group isolation or individual isolation in the year group. Please use this page to follow our remote learning provision. 

This page will be populated with online learning in the event of a Year 2 bubble closure or whole school closure. If you are self isolating individually, please contact us via our email above and we will send you plans and resources for your child to complete at home. Please visit our Year 2 page for all other curriculum over views and year group information. 

January 2022 Home Learning

If your child is isolating, please see the information below which includes lessons and resources to support home learning. 
Uploaded to this page will be a daily English, maths and spelling lesson as well as a weekly History lesson as this supports our current topic. Each lesson is sequential and follows on from previous learning so it is important to ensure that each lesson is accessed and covered before moving on to the next. Each lesson is dated so that you are able to begin learning from the day of isolation.

Please do not hesitate to email if you require support with accessing the home learning. 

Spring 1 Titanic - January 2022

This half term, we begin our new topic 'Titanic'. Our core text for English this half term will be 'Samson's Titanic Journey' by Lauren Graham. In Maths, we will begin learning about fractions. 

English - Samson's Titanic Journey

This half term, our core text is 'Samson's Titanic Journey' by Lauren Graham. 
You can access a recording of the story being read aloud, below.

Lesson 1 Wednesday 5th January 2022
Expanded Noun Phrases

 Lesson 2 Thursday 6th January 2022
Expanded Noun Phrase Sentences

 Lesson 3 Friday 7th January 2022
Commas in a List


Wednesday 5th January 2022

In maths, we are working on solving missing number problems and using inverse operations to work out our answers. For example, 15 + ___ = 20, using 20-15= 5.






 Thursday 6th January 2022

 Friday 7th January 2022



History - The Sinking of Titanic

In History we work through six key steps. Below you will find the weekly lessons with dates of when they will be taught in school.

Lesson 1 Monday 10th January 2022
Step 1 - Hook


Lesson 2 Monday 17th January 2022
Step 2 - Gathering Information

 Lesson 2 - Sequencing Pictures

Lesson 2 - Timeline PowerPoint

Lesson 3 Monday 24th January 2022
Step 3 - Processing Information

 Cross Section of Titanic

Example of Titanic Poster

Lesson 4 Monday 31st January 2022
Step 4 - Drawing Conclusions

Lesson 5 Monday 7th January 2022
Step 5 - Refining Ideas

Monday 14th February 2022 
Step 6 - Triumph or Tragedy

 Online Learning Resources


Tablet Edition
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Swipe code: A capital 'L' shape starting at top left.
Home-School Account
User name: jk78829
Account Password: home


See the source image

Oxford Owl has a large catalogue with various ranges and genres - the class logins are PuffinsEPS or PenguinsEPS and the password is Puffins2020 or Penguins2020.


Brooke Weston Trust - Thomas Clarkson Academy wins TT Rockstars ...

Times Table Rockstars is the multiplication and division software that we have been using. The children have their own log ins and we can adjust the times tables that the children have access to so please let us know.

Help shape the future of MyMaths Survey

MyMaths has a huge range of Maths activities and tasks. We have set the KS1 booster packs which the children can access over the summer if they would like to.


Phonics Play has a selection of games that support the children's phonics understanding including all alternative spellings. Username: march20, password: home