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Year 3 - Online learning 

Spring 2 2022


Weekly Timetable

Monday Maths English, Spellings Science
Tuesday  Maths English & Spellings P.S.H.E/Spanish
Wednesday Maths English & Spellings Music/Computing
Thursday Maths English & Spellings Geography/ DT
Friday Maths English & Spellings RE


We have not included P.E on the timetable but hopefully, if you're feeling well enough, you can try and do something active in the day.

Joe Wicks exercise videos

Just Dance 





Spring Term 2 Week Beginning 11.03.22


  Text driver: Jemmy Button by Alix Barzelay

Listen to the story here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0z69WCKi48 

Newspaper report

See what a good one looks like- /docs/WAGOLL.docx


This week the children have finished and will be typing up their newspaper reports.




 Further Activities: 


Reading Comprehensions - Pick one to complete

 Layers of the Rainforest

People of the Rainforest

Gary's Big Adventure









 Please ask your child which adult did their spelling test and give the matching spellings. If you are unsure, please email us. Spelling tests take place on Tuesday and new spellings are issued on Wednesdays. Please see web page for spellings.

Next test: 22.03.22

Group A- Ms Piddington and Mrs Robbins Group B- Miss Diver and Ms Jones


 Focus: prefixes

(sheet 17)





/docs/Set_17.pdf - activity sheet


















Please follow the link to explore Oxford Owl. It includes a range of coloured spot books that match those that children read in school. If your child is a free reader, please encourage them to continue choosing books to read from home.

Bug Club Reading

Maths- FRactions 

Activity 1




 Write the fractions above the picture



fill in the blank fraction wall.



colour 1/2 of the first set of shapes and 1/4 of the second set of shapes. Write the equivalent fraction.





Useful links: https://www.didax.com/apps/base-ten-blocks/ 


Every week we test TTRockstars and set children the next times table. In order to pass the table, children need to complete the whole sheet in 3 minutes with less than 3 errors. Please find the practise sheets below. They are in the order of completion:

x10 Table    x5Table     x2Table    x2/5/10Table    x3Table    x4Table     x8Table     x3/4/8Table

x6Table       x7Table        x9Table     x11Table   x12Table    Masters



 PowerPoint - Birthdays



This term the topic is 'Too Much Selfie Isn't Healthy'. In this topic, the children are encouraged to think about others. In this week's lesson, we will be talking about protecting ourselves by not sharing personal details, particularly on-line.

Lesson Plan and stimuli 


Science - Magnets and forces


This term we are investigating Forces and Magnets in a range of practical scientific investigations in the classroom.


We will do a 'catch up' session for those children who miss this lesson.

This week we are learning that magnets have a north and south pole.

The children will experiment putting two magnets together. They will take note of which sides attract and which repel. They will then investigate how the attractive force of a magnet compares to the repulsive force by measuring the distance at which the magnets attract each other to that of when they repel each other. We will repeat the process 3 times to ensure we get the same results each time. We will try and put this investigation on Seesaw.

PowerPoint Presentation







This week we will be testing if the size of the magnet affects the strength of its magnetic force. We understand this might be difficult to undertake at home. We will do a 'catch up' session for those children who miss this lesson.

 Magnetic Strength PowerPoint

Activity sheet


This week, the children in class will be posing their own question that they would like to investigate around this topic. You can do this at home. What would you like to find out? 











Geography-  OUR EMSWORTH

This term we are investigating different types of biomes and climates around the world.

Activity  Resources    

We are starting our new topic 'Our Emsworth'

Can you use the information given or an atlas or globe from home to label the counties of Europe. 

Label the compass and use it to answer these questions. 

1) Which direction is the UK from France?

2) Which direction is Poland from Sweden?

3) Which direction is Norway from the UK?  

Map to label

Compass to label

Map Information 

Can you use the map to label the large towns and cities in Hampshire?

Can you use Google Maps or one of the other maps in the resources to label the key geographical features such as rivers, lakes, hills, national parks?

Blank map to label

Map of Hampshire with towns and cities 

Map with features 




Look at the satellite view of Emsworth. 

You need to give each land use labelled above the image a colour and then use that colour to identify where you find it on the map. 

Land use map 



R.E. - Special Books

 This term in RE our theme is Special Books.

Week Activity Resources

Children share a book that is special to them. Listen and discuss what makes it special. Memories etc.



 We have looked at and discussed why some of our books are special to us. You can look at some of our discussion points.

Today we will make a book that is special to us as Tigers. Thinking about what makes a book special. What would you like to include? A special memory from Year 3, a photo or picture, something you have made? 


Discussion points from Lesson 1


Watch the short video: 

 Last week we discussed the moral of the story of the Good Samaritan. After watching this video, why do you think the Bible is a special book for a Christian?  Task sheet


Watch the video of the story of the Ten Commandments. 

You can use this video to help order the images of the story or you can choose to make your own story board to show the key features of the story. 


Images to order 


In class we will be having a go at making our own Torah's.

Use this guide and any resources you have to have a go at making your own. 

If you don't have anything you can use you can draw a Tora and label its important features as well as having a go at writing in hebrew. 

Torah Guide

Torah Information

Commandments in Hebrew 

ART- spring flowers

 This week we painted spring flowers for the Old Pharmacy in Emsworth to display in their window.