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Spring Term 2022

If you require any log in details or have any questions about the online learning such as accessing paper copies, support with the content or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.





Please see below each group's Spellings for this half term. All the children are aware of whose group they are in however if you require confirmation please email your class teacher. 

You will notice on the timetable below that we have reduced Spellings sessions to twice a week plus the test. It is up to you which activities you would like to have a go at, a few ideas from us are: rainbow writing; pyramid writing; look, cover, write, check and creating sentences however if you need more time to practise by all means - go ahead.

Don't forget to research any unknown words.

Miss Knowles' Group

Mrs Gosling's & Mrs Baldwin's Group

Miss Sullivan's & Mrs Newton's Group


We have attached some cursive handwriting pages below as well as the lined paper that you are used to practising on (letters sit on second straight blue line, ascenders to above red, descenders to below red).

Why not recreate our classroom handwriting sessions? Turn the lights down, pop our playlist on, make sure your pencil has been sharpened and that you are sat with both feet facing forwards, your chair is nice and close and both arms are on the table.

Cursive Handwriting Help

Each Letter Join

Handwriting Lines

Our Weekly Timetable


Monday Spellings & Grammar Hammer Maths English Geography
Tuesday Spellings & Handwriting Maths Guided Reading Spanish
Wednesday Grammar Hammer & Handwriting Maths English Science & Reading
Thursday Spellings & Grammar Hammer Maths Guided Reading RE & PSHE
Friday Spelling test Maths English Art & Computing or Music

Please ensure that you complete the work in the order that it is set - do not worry if you are completing work from a previous date, the work is set to be progressive and will not make sense if you miss the previous days. 

Monday 10th January 2022


Grammar Hammer

Session 3.6 Questions

Session 3.6 Answers


This half term we are moving onto using the the short method for multiplication. Last week we looked at using the short method for 2, 3 & 4-digit numbers by a 1-digit number.

Please watch this short video to refresh your memory.


This week we are going to be looking at 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication and then moving onto 3-digit and 4-digit by 2-digit (in Miss Sullivan's group).


Please watch this short video which demonstrates how to tackle 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication.


We would like both groups to have a go at the questions below:

11.01.22 - 2-digit by 2-digit


Have a look at the front cover of our new book and answer the following questions:

1. Who is the author? Do you know any other books by this author?

2. Who is the illustrator? Does their work look familiar or similar to any other illustrators?

3. Where do you think this story is set?

4. What season/month do you think it is set in? Why? What makes you think this?

5. Do we know about any the characters?

6. What genre do you think this story is going to be? Why?

7. Who might enjoy this book?


 See the source image




Our topic this half term 'Viva Las Vegas'! We are going to comparing Emsworth with Las Vegas in order to answer our key statement 'Is Las Vegas a world away from our home town?'


We would like you to use an atlas, globe or online resources to label the map of North America - can you highlight the border between North and South America? Can you name the various countries in North America? Can you identify Canada? Greenland? The United States of America? The Caribbean islands?

How many states can you name in the USA? Can you identify Alaska? California? Florida? New York? Texas?


We encourage you to label all the compass with the 8-points that we have focused on before, the surrounding oceans and the states in the USA.

North America Map


Tuesday 11th January 2022



Have a look at your list of words for this week. Can you research the definitions for any unfamiliar words and use them in a sentence?


Session 3 - The Circus


Today, if you are ready, we are moving onto 3-digit numbers multiplied by 2-digit numbers. Watch this demonstration video and then have a go at the worksheets below:

12.01.22 - 3-digit by 2-digit


If you would like to spend a little more time practising 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication then please feel free to continue on these


12.01.22 - 2-digit by 2-digit


If you have time at the end you could have a go at some Daily 10 Tasks, don't forget to set yourself at level 4 or 5 and use a piece of paper for quick notes.

Guided Reading

This morning we would like you to have a look at a Pobble 365 Comprehension activity. Open the link, read the short story, observe the image and then answer the questions and complete the sick sentences task.

Breaking Down - Pobble 365


This half term we are going to be looking at Transport in Spanish. Please work through the PowerPoint below - don't forget you can type the word into Google translate and press the speaker icon to hear how to pronounce the words correctly.

Spanish Lesson 1 - PowerPoint

Once you feel pretty confident with new vocabulary that you have learnt we would like you to complete the worksheet below. We have included a word mat to help you.

Spanish Lesson 1 - Worksheet

Spanish Lesson 1 - Word Mat


Wednesday 12th January 2022


Grammar Hammer

Session 3.7 Questions

Session 3.7 Answers

Handwriting Session 4 - The Circus

If you spent time practising the 2-digit by 2-digit yesterday then please move onto the 3-digit by 2-digit activities. Watch the video demonstration from yesterday and then complete the worksheets.


If you are ready to move onto 4-digit by 2-digit then please watch this video and then complete the worksheet below.

13.01.22 - 4-digit by 2-digit


Blurb for 'A Night at the Frost Fair':


'It’s Christmastime, and searching for magic, Maya finds herself transported back two hundred years to the banks of the frozen river Thames. A boy called Eddie shows Maya the bustle of the glittering frost fair, filled with music, sweet stalls and thrilling rides. Is this all a dream, or can Maya bring a piece of the beautiful frost fair home with her after all . . . ?

A winter story of freedom and family, from the award-winning Emma Carroll, with stunning full colour illustrations by Sam Usher, A Night at the Frost Fair is a classic to treasure on the family bookshelf this Christmas and for years to come.'


Does this blurb compliment your predictions from the front cover?

What questions would you have for the author?

Can you design an alternative front cover based on the information that we know now about the book?


Please use the Oak Academy online learning for our Science topic of Forces this half term.

Today we are moving onto lesson 2 - it is best to use Google or Microsoft Edge for the OA website.


Oak Academy - Lesson 2 Forces


Thursday 13th January 2022


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