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Spring Term 2022

If you require any log in details or have any questions about the online learning such as accessing paper copies, support with the content or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher.




Please see below each group's Spellings for this half term. All the children are aware of whose group they are in however if you require confirmation please email your class teacher. 

You will notice on the timetable below that we have reduced Spellings sessions to twice a week plus the test. It is up to you which activities you would like to have a go at, a few ideas from us are: rainbow writing; pyramid writing; look, cover, write, check and creating sentences however if you need more time to practise by all means - go ahead.

Don't forget to research any unknown words.

Miss Knowles' Group

Mrs Gosling's & Mrs Baldwin's Group

Miss Sullivan's & Mrs Newton's Group


We have attached some cursive handwriting pages below as well as the lined paper that you are used to practising on (letters sit on second straight blue line, ascenders to above red, descenders to below red).

Why not recreate our classroom handwriting sessions? Turn the lights down, pop our playlist on, make sure your pencil has been sharpened and that you are sat with both feet facing forwards, your chair is nice and close and both arms are on the table.

Cursive Handwriting Help

Each Letter Join

Handwriting Lines 

Friday 18th February 2022 - STORM EUNICE SCHOOL CLOSURE

It is unfortunate that we will not get to spend the last day of this half term with you all, especially as we were so looking forward to sharing more of your lovely homework activities. We will dedicate our assembly time on Tuesday 1st March to a homework 'show and tell' session.


Many of you were looking forward to creating your storyboards for your Wish stories today. I have attached the storyboard template for you, please feel free to complete yours if you would like to - perhaps you could email these to us or share them via SeeSaw.

Storyboard Template

Maths You might want to spend some time consolidating your learning understanding of fractions on MyMaths or perhaps have a go at some of these games on TopMarks.

If you have access to paints at home, you could spend some time today creating your own pointillism artwork. If not you could create your own piece of work using a material of your choice - we would love to see you using the theme of a storm as your guide.


Here is some inspiration for you:

See the source image


See the source image


See the source image

Fun Activities

Below are a few activities that you could have a go at, some involve another person so you may need to wait until later to complete them.


We'd love to know your favourites!


Fun Activities


Have a wonderful half term and stay safe in the storm.


See you on Tuesday 1st March (in PE kits!)


Miss Sullivan & Mrs Newton :)


Online Learning

We hope that you aren't feeling too poorly whilst isolating - below is a break down of each subject and a variety of activities to have a go at.

We decided it is easier to break online learning down into subject sections rather than a set timetable as you are all going to be starting and finishing on different days and at different stages of our learning journeys.

Please contact your class teacher if you need any further assistance.


Stage 4 Check 10

Stage 4 Check 11

Stage 4 Check 12

Stage 4 Check 13

Stage 4 Check 14


One Chance Activity Booklet

Please find above the 'One Chance' activity booklet - we have been completing these tasks at school and would like you to continue from where you left of. On 14/02/2022 we completed the Likes & Dislikes activity as well as the Closer Reading task on page 16.


We would like you to log onto MyMaths and complete the various activities on fractions - so far in the classroom we have converted improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa, ordered fractions under 1 from smallest to greatest and vice versa, comparing fractions by finding the common denominator to ensure we can compare fractions accurately. Please work through the MyMaths activities or the worksheets below to continue to secure your understanding.

Please use the video to help with your understanding.


We are going to finishing our topic on Forces. Please use the Oak Academy sessions to ensure that you are up to date on all the relevant videos, quizzes and activities.

Ability To Float - Lesson 5

Levers & Pulleys - Lesson 6


Thinking back to the last 5 weeks of Geography - we would like you to create an informative fact-file/poster comparing Las Vegas with our local area, Emsworth.

Some key vocabulary to include:

biomes, temperature, climate, population, landmarks, seasons, weather patterns, inhabitants, natural resources.


Lesson 4 PPT - El Uniforme

Lesson 4 Task - El Uniforme

El Uniforme - Word Mat

Los Colores - Word Mat


We completed our 'Music Through The Ages' topic this week. We would like for you to create a timeline that demonstrates when different genres of music became the popular trend. Keep it bright, clear and enticing!