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Year 6 Online Learning

           Last week's learner of the week goes to Amelia! Amelia completed all the tasks set to a great standard. Well done!


Activities for Week Beginning 30/03/20


This half term, we have been reading 'The Last Wild'. Piers Torday, author of ‘The Last Wild’, is reading a chapter of his book on Instagram Live every weekday at 14:30. Tune in daily to find out what happens next!

In class we looked at great examples of non-chronological reports and we wrote one together about whales. This week, choose an animal from 'The Last Wild' (stag, cockroach, wolf) and write a non-chronological report about it.

Day 1: Decide which animal you are going to write about and write a list of questions that you want to find out.

Day 2: Research the answers to your questions.

Day 3: Sort the facts you have collected into sections and give each section a sub-heading. These will be your paragraphs. You could use sub-headings such as: diet, habitat etc

Day 4: Write each paragraph making sure you only include relevant information under each heading.

Day 5: Publish! You could create a poster, leaflet, Adobe Spark or Powerpoint.

Email us your finished reports and we'll share our favourites.

Spellings - Choose the list you feel is most appropriate

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Logon daily to 'MyMaths' and complete one task a day. Logon to TTRockstars and spend 10 minutes practising your times tables. 


Last half term we studied volcanoes. Create an eye-catching poster about volcanoes that includes the following: 

  • The names of some famous volcanoes and some information about where they are located and why they are so well-known (try to use geographical vocabulary.)
  • Information about the different types of volcanoes (you could include some labelled diagrams.)
  • A paragraph that describes the primary and secondary effects of an eruption and how these impact on the people who live nearby.

We will share our favourites with the whole year group on Seesaw.


We have recently been learning how to write about our town. We learnt the names of some different shops as well as some sentence structures. Use the example below to practise speaking about Emsworth. Once you are feeling confident, why don’t you upload a video of yourself speaking in French to Seesaw. We would love to see how you are getting on.

le/un supermarché

la/une boulangerie

la/une pâtisserie

la/une boucherie

la/une poissonerie

l’/une épicerie

la/une bibliothèque

la/une rivière

la/une poste

la/une école

The /a   supermarket

The / a  bakers

The/a    cake shop

The/a    butchers

The/a   fishmonger

The/a   grocers

The/a   library

The/ a  river

The/ a  post office

The/ a  school

Á Emsworth il y a .....

In Emsworth there is a ....


Á Emsworth il n’y a pas.....

In Emsworth there is not a...

We will update our webpage every week with activities for the next week. The suggestions for work above are not compulsory and will not be formally assessed or marked. However please send us any work you have worked hard on as we loved to see it.




The Year 6 Team