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Early Years


 The team for this year:

  Mrs Shepherd 

  Miss Mingo

  Mrs E Greenway

  Mrs J Twigger

Useful Information

Home Learning

This will be included in the pink communication book for your child every Monday. It is optional but anything that the children complete will be shared and we value your support with this. You can share your child's achievements using Seesaw.


The children will be given a phonetically levelled reading book which can be changed as necessary. These reading books will be from a range of reading schemes including; Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat and Song Birds. Please use the blue reading record to make any comments. Library books are changed on Thursdays. 


PE kit needs to be worn to school every Wednesday.


In Early Years our topics are led by the interests of the children. Throughout the year we will incorporate celebrations, seasons and specific books.Our planning is guided by the Early Years Curriculum for each of the 7 areas of learning-Literacy, Mathematics, Communication and Language, Physical, Personal and Social, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

 Autumn 1 2021

 This first half term is very much about getting to know the children and settling in. However, we will begin to plan learning opportunities around a variety of seasonal stimuli. Here is a snapshot of what we will be doing.


 Sharing books and stories to promote a love of reading and talking about books. We will look at The Little Red Hen and use this to lead into making bread. We will also look at information books on Autumn, leaves and trees to link with developing understanding of the world around. Finally we will share the story of Pumpkin Soup, giving an opportunity to look at seasonal pumpkins and to talk about the theme of friendship.


 We will cover all of Phase 1 phonics,aiming to develop listening skills and tuning into sounds and rhyme. Towards the end of the half term we will begin to teach letter sounds in groups-s,a,t,p and i,n,m,d. Our learning will be based upon letter recognition, identification of these sounds in words and letter formation. We will also introduce the idea of blending and segmenting words with these sounds in order to read simple words.

 Communication and Language

 Let’s talk!  Using talk in play, to tell others about experiences, feelings and responding to stories. We want our children to feel confident to converse with us, their peers, in small groups and with the whole class. This journey starts now.


 This half term we will focus on the following concepts:


 We will provide opportunities for the children to find and match objects which are the same.


 Children will learn that collections of objects can be sorted into sets based on attributes such as colour, size or shape.

 They will begin to understand that the same collection of objects can be sorted in different ways and will be encouraged to come up with their own criteria for sorting objects into sets.


 Once the children can confidently sort collections into sets, they will learn that these sets can be compared and ordered.

 Making Simple Patterns

 Children will copy, continue and create their own simple repeating patterns.

  Physical Development

 This area will focus on developing gross motor skills through activities designed to strengthen muscles and engage in physical games outside. Fine motor skills and pencil grip will be developed through opportunities to make patterns, trace, thread, use dough and other malleable materials and to use a variety of tools in different contexts.

 Personal, social and emotional development

 Developing relationships between the children and adults in the team and to gain an awareness of how we share, take turns and look after each other to make our classrooms a happy place.

 Understanding the World

 This half term will be focussed on looking at seasonal changes around us and developing observation skills, learning new vocabulary and making simple comparisons. Using our school grounds we will explore Autumn.

 Expressive arts and design

 Our aim is to offer our children the opportunity to explore different tools, materials and techniques through our play provision. They will also have the chance to visit the music studio and learn some new songs and to add movement to music.


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