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 We will be updating our Year 1 page every half-term with updates and regular curriculum information and home learning projects.
We will also update weekly spellings for children to learn at home. 

Class Teachers: Miss Perkins (Rabbits)  Miss Wilman (Squirrels) 

Teaching Assistants: Miss Haines (Rabbits) Mrs Morrison (Squirrels)

(Left to right)
Mrs Morrison, Miss Wilman, Miss Perkins, Miss Haines



This half term our book led topic will be 'The Lonely Beast' by Chris Judge. This text will link closely to our Autumn 1 topic of 'Ourselves'. The Lonely Beast goes on a perilous journey in the attempt to find new friends. When he arrives to the city he is not warmly welcomed and the people are afraid of him. We will explore differences, understanding others and how to make new friends. Finally the people in the City grow to love him and when the Beast returns home he is welcomed by a party of other Beasts. We will celebrate the end of the topic by throwing a Lonely Beast party. 

Children will build on their writing, drama and speaking and listening skills by describing the Beast, retelling the story, designing a new friend for the Beast and writing a letter to the Beast from their new character, act in role as news reporters and ask the Beast questions about his journey, write jellyfish poems and finally write instructions on how to look after a 'baby beast'. 

For more information on the Year 1 English curriculum please visit:




This half term we will begin by revisiting the key concepts learnt in Early Years and we will address any gaps in learning due to COVID.
We will focus our learning around the following topics:

-Number and Place Value
-Number bonds to 10
-Addition within 20
-Subtraction within 20
-Measurement (length and height)

For more information on the Year 1 Maths curriculum please visit:


Here are some useful websites for Maths games and resources:




Your child will be read with once a week by a member of staff and they will also join in with small guided reading groups with their teachers weekly. Children will be able to change their spot books daily or when needed. Members of staff will move them onto new spot book bands as they make progress throughout the year. The book bands will link to their phonetic knowledge, the sight reading of tricky words and their ability to understand and answer questions about what they have read. If you would like to discuss ways in which you can support your child's reading further, please speak to your child's class teacher. We will visit the library weekly on a Friday afternoon, where children will be able to return and pick a new library book. 

Both library and spot books will need to be quarantined for 72 hours once returned, so please do bare with us as we get this system up and running in the first few weeks. 

Reading with your child at home is a fantastic way to support their learning and progress. We suggest that a 'little and often' approach is best, i.e five minutes, five times a week. As well as decoding the words, ask them questions to check their understanding. In addition to listening to your child read, please read to your child as this will support them to behave like a reader, copying what they see and hear. We recommend that you share favourite stories, allowing them to join in with predictable phrases. Also, visiting your local library is a great way to discover new and exciting books. 


Phonics and Spellings:

Throughout year 1, the children will be revisiting and learning phonics phases 2, 3, 4 and 5. They will have daily phonics sessions, including games and on a Friday children will use the sounds which they have learnt that week to write in their phonics books. They will also learn to read and spell the 'tricky words' and high frequency words. We will be sending out handouts at the beginning of they year to remind you of the phonics phases and tricky words. It would be beneficial to practise reading words containing the sound patterns which we are learning each week, identifying them in books and spelling words containing them. We will attach weekly phonics sounds and spellings at the bottom of our Year 1 web page each week.

During the Summer Term, the children will complete a statutory Phonics Screening check. We will provide you with further information in the Spring term. 

The children will use the sounds which they have learnt to carefully segment and blend words. For example:
'chair' ch-air
'shelf' sh-e-l-f 
'home' (children will recognise the split vowel digraph o_e)

We follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme:


For more information on the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check please visit:


Here are some useful websites for phonics games and resources:

Teach your Monster to read app (£0.99)
Jolly Phonics Lessons app (free)
Meet the Alphablocks! app (free)

Here is a useful clip explaining phonics terminology for grownups:



Foundation Subjects:

Science- All about ourselves! We will be learning and naming the basic parts of the human body. We will learn about our 5 senses and how we use these to survive. We will find out about healthy eating. We will begin our longitudinal study about the change in seasons, beginning with Autumn.

Longitudinal Environment Study- Observing and predicting changes in our school environment and identifying flowering plants in different seasons.

Computing- Creating pictures using PurpleMash and learning about staying safe online. 

P.E- Multi-skills with the P.E coaches.

PSHE- Heartsmart- Let's get Heart smart!

ART- Painting self portraits, collage/ paint the Lonely Beast, oil pastel pictures under the sea, Turtles and Jellyfish using different materials, Autumn trees.

D&T or  R.E - Designing, making and evaluating finger puppet friends for the Lonely Beast. 

Geography or History- We will be learning about where we live and our school in Geography this half term.

Music- 'Funny Bones' musical unit.


The children will be given the opportunity to visit our school library on a Friday afternoon. During this time they will be able to select one free-reading book of their choice.

Our PE day is on a Tuesday; please ensure that your child comes into school that day in a full PE kit (white t-shirt, black leggings/skirt/shorts/jogging bottoms, white socks and plimsoles or trainers). Long hair needs to be tied back and earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE.

If you have any questions please talk to us in the morning or after school or arrange a meeting through the office. 

Miss Perkins and Miss Wilman 



Home Learning 

The Home Learning Tasks for this half term will be attached below and can be completed any time before October half term. These are by no means compulsory and we do not expect the children to complete every task, unless they would like to. We set these tasks to create and encourage dialogue between home and school. Children can share their work on SeeSaw. Login details to follow.
We will add our weekly phonics sounds and spellings fortnightly for children to practise reading and writing at home. We will begin recapping all of Phase 3 due to the time missed during the COVID closures. We will however begin to move different ability groups onto new sounds at different speeds so please ask your child or your teacher which phonics group they are in. 

Please see your class teacher if you any questions or queries regarding these tasks.

Topic homework:


Weekly phonics spellings:

Week 4-5 Dragonflies Phonics

Week 4-5 Phonics

Week 2-3 All Phonics