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The Year 4 teaching team for the academic year will be:

Jaguars: Mrs Babbage & Mr Wilson

Leopards: Miss Swainson

Learning Support: Mrs Street, Mrs Munro, Mrs Chamberlain.

 Please see our Year 4 Online Learning Page for weekly activities in the event of any future school closure

 We hope that you all had an enjoyable summer holiday and that the children are all excited for the coming year! We understand that some of your children will not have been in school for a long time, so may be feeling slightly anxious. Therefore, we would like to reassure you that our primary concern during the first few days and weeks will be to ensure that the children settle quickly and have opportunities to share their thoughts and feelings around returning to school. We understand that children will have a variety of learning experiences during lockdown so we will be carrying out some low key assessments in order to determine where each child is at. This will then allow us to tailor our curriculum as needed.

 Our main focus for September will be easing pupils back into school life and working on building their writing stamina. Our main topic for the autumn term will be ‘Anglo Saxons’. More specifically, exploring whether Alfred was really as ‘great’ as his name suggests. This topic will involve researching aspects of Alfred's reign, aspects of his legacy, some contemporary and later opinions of him/ his reign and the nature of the evidence we have. During English, we will be using Valerie Bloom’s 'Hot Like Fire' to inspire the creation of our own poetry. We will then move onto exploring explanation texts about Dragons inspired by ‘Pet Dragon’ by M.P. Robinson and Sally Symes. We will revise all areas of the Year 3 English curriculum before moving on to Year 4 objectives.

Spellings for the half term will be sent home during the first week. These weekly spelling sheets are for the children to keep at home in preparation for the spelling tests on Friday mornings. We encourage the children to write/draw their home learning tasks in their books and keep their spelling sheets at home.

 In Maths we will spend time re-capping the Year 3 objectives. First we will begin by focussing on place value before moving onto addition and subtraction. Especially with the new Year 4 statutory multiplication assessment, it is important that your child continues to practise their times tables regularly – even if they have passed a particular one. They need to be able to apply these facts in order to solve problems involving larger numbers and other operations so it is vital that they can not only recall them fluently, but that they can build on them in other ways too.

Here are some alternatives to TT Rockstars:




Here is the Year 4 Maths curriculum .

 Our homework will usually be linked to our main topic and will be given out during the first week of the half term. All children will be given a homework book in which they can carry out their tasks. This book should remain at home rather than be brought backwards and forwards to school. To reduce the amount of items being taken home, homework will be posted via SeeSaw and our website. The homework will include a reading task, a writing task, a maths task and at least one task that involves making/drawing/creating something. Children should aim to complete at least one piece of homework each week and should have completed at least 5 pieces by the end of the half term. If possible, we would like you to take pictures of completed tasks and upload these to SeeSaw each week (new logins will be sent home in the first week or so). Alternatively, please feel free to email pictures of the completed tasks to us so that we have an opportunity to praise the children's efforts. Homework is a very useful way for you to keep in touch with what we are teaching in school. It also allows the children to practise skills we have covered in class and we appreciate your support in helping your child to complete this important learning at home on a regular basis.

The children will be given an opportunity to visit our school library at least once a week, during which time they will be able to select one free-reading book of their choice. We will read daily in class and there will be opportunities for independent reading throughout the day. If your child would like to take this book home, please make it is brought back into school only on our library day which is Tuesday.

Our PE days this year will be Wednesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child is wearing a full PE kit (white t-shirt, black leggings/skirt/shorts/jogging bottoms, white socks and plimsoles or trainers)in school each PE day. With the colder months approaching, it is advised for children to wrap up. Long hair should be tied back and earrings must be removed or covered with tape for PE. Trainers can be worn daily as we will make the most of any good weather to get outside and complete daily exercise.

For more information about the Year 4 curriculum.

If you have any worries or questions please don't hesitate to contact Miss Swainson at t.swainson@emsworth.hants.sch.uk, Mrs Babbage at k.babbage@emsworth.hants.sch.uk or Mr Wilson at r.wilson@emsworth.hants.sch.uk.