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welcome to Year 5

The Year 5 Team:

Mrs Gosling, Ms McKeown, Ms P Sullivan, Miss H Sullivan, Mrs Newton, Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Hodges (from left to right).

Year 5 is comprised of the Owls and Otters class.

Owls class teacher: Mrs Newton - l.newton@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Learning support assistants: Mrs Baldwin and Mrs Hodges.

Otters class teacher: Miss H Sullivan - h.sullivan@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Learning support assistants: Mrs Gosling, Ms McKeown and Ms P Sullivan.

Key Information

We will post all relevant information for Year 5 pupils on this page, however if your child is not in school due to isolation/quarantine, please see our Year 5 Remote Learning Page. We will only be populating this page if we are made aware of a Year 5 child/children isolating at home.

Year 5 PE days are Monday (AM) and Thursday (PM) - children are required to wear PE kit/sports clothing to school on these days.

Year 5 Library day is Wednesday.

Please see below the various lunch options for the Summer term:

Summer Term - Picnic Bag MenuSummer Term - Hot Lunches MenuSummer Term - Jacket Potato Menu

Please click here for all the key dates for this academic term.

Summer Term (2)

Welcome back Owls and Otters, we hope you had a wonderful half-term and enjoyed some well-earned time off in the sunshine!

We look forward to welcoming you back to school on Monday 7th June 2021 - don't forget to come in wearing your PE kits!

This half term our cross-curricular topic will be...



See the source image 

This half term we will be starting our Ancient Egyptians topic. We will be using the Ancient Egyptian civilisation as a hook for our cross-curricular work - in History we will be looking at the culture, the civilisation and the difference between our modern way of life and Ancient Egyptians. In Geography we will be looking at the location and resources that the country has to offer. We will creating canopic jars and Modroc Egyptian death masks in DT and Art. We will also listen to and recreate our own Leitmotifs in Music.

In English, our new novel 'Secrets of the Sun King' by Emma Carroll, will provide us with an exhilarating storyline from which we can base our creative writing, informative posters and continue to expand our grammatic repertoire.

See the source image

For the full National Curriculum for year 5 English please click here.


Please find the full set of Spellings for each group this half term below:

Miss Sullivan or Mrs Newton's Group

Mrs Gosling's Group

Mrs Baldwin's Group

Ms McKeown's Group

You will have daily Spelling sessions with your group adult in order to identify, define and practise the spellings and then we will conduct our Spellings tests on Friday morning.


The children will be allocated two books at a time from our school library - one will be kept at school each day and the second is to be a 'home reading book'. Both books can be changed on a Wednesday afternoon. If your child finishes the school book ahead of our library day then they will have the opportunity to choose a book from our classroom book box.

We encourage the children to spend at least 20-30 minutes reading every day; this can be independent reading or reading to a sibling, parent or grandparent. Please ensure you are asking your child about the book they are reading to encourage a deepened understanding and the ability to recommend and/or critique.

The children may also continue to use Oxford Owl should they wish.

Maths & TT Rockstars

This half term we will complete our fractions, decimals and percentages scheme of work before moving onto position and direction. We will then spend some time consolidating all of our learning from this year as we prepare the children for year 6.

Please encourage your child to spend 15-20 minutes every other day on TT Rockstars to ensure they are improving their times tables fluency and speed.

For the full National Curriculum for year 5 Maths please click here.

Foundation Subjects

This half term we will be learning about the following:

Science - Forces (levers and pulleys)

Science Longitudinal Study - The restoration of our school pond

History - Ancient Egyptians

Design Technology - Modroc death masks and canopic jars

Music - Queen of Egypt: Leitmotifs

RSE - Equality and diversity (removing stereotypes)

French - Francophone countries

Religious Education - Introduction to Humanism

Physical Education - Rounders and athletics 



 Please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher should you have any questions or queries.

Miss Sullivan = h.sullivan@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Mrs Newton = l.newton@emsworth.hants.sch.uk