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welcome to Year 5

The Year 5 Team:

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We are so excited to welcome you back to school on Thursday 2nd September 2021 and we hope that you have all had a wonderful summer. Below is some key information that you may need as you return to school as an Otter or an Owl!

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Owls class teacher: Mrs L Newton - l.newton@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

HLTA: Mrs K Baldwin, 1:1: Mrs S Collier

Otters class teacher: Miss H Sullivan - h.sullivan@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

LSA: Mrs A Gosling, 1:1: Miss K Knowles and Mrs K Daborn-White



We will update this page each term with all relevant information for Year 5 pupils, however if your child is not in school due to isolation/quarantine, please see our Year 5 Remote Learning Page. We will only be populating this page if we are made aware of a Year 5 child/children isolating at home.

Year 5 PE days are Monday (AM) and Tuesday(PM) - children are required to wear PE kit/sports clothing to school on these days. We are fortunate to have the Activ8 PE coaches for our Tuesday session, these sessions are outdoors so please ensure your child is wearing sunscreen if it is sunny.

Year 5 Library day is Wednesday - the children will have the opportunity to change both their home reading book and in-school reading book on Wednesday afternoon. We have a large selection of texts in the classroom for those children that may finish their book before the library session.

Please see below the various lunch options for the Summer term:


Please click here for all the key dates for this academic term.

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this half term is SPACE!

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Is there anything more exciting and mystifying than the wonders of the universe?!

We will be using a variety of text and media hooks to engage and educate the children as we learn about our vast and ever-changing solar system.

The children will learn about the planets within our solar system, other galaxies, constellations, gravity and other forces in Science. We will be creating our own chalk planet drawings in Art as well as looking at the fabulous artwork by Peter Thorpe. In English we will be using a number of film and media hooks as well some fantastic texts as we explore sentence structure, informative writing and advancing our use of punctuation. We will learn about Gustav Holt and his esteemed composition of 'The Planets' in Music and in Geography we will look at the continent of Africa from space before honing in on South Africa and all that is has to offer, in particular its natural resources.

For the full National Curriculum for year 5 English please click here.


The children will be allocated a spelling group in the second week of term. Please find the full set of spellings for each group this half term below:


They will have daily spelling sessions with theirgroup adult in order to identify, define and practise the spellings and then we will conduct our spellings tests on a Friday morning.



The children will be allocated two books at a time from our school library - one will be kept at school each day and the second is to be a 'home reading book'. Both books can be changed on a Wednesday afternoon. If your child finishes the school book ahead of our library day then they will have the opportunity to choose a book from our classroom book box.

We encourage the children to spend at least 20-30 minutes reading every day; this can be independent reading or reading to a sibling, parent or grandparent. Please ensure you are asking your child about the book they are reading to encourage a deepened understanding and the ability to recommend and/or critique.

Maths & TT Rockstars

We will be recapping and extending our knowledge of place value, addition and subtraction in the first half term. We will continue to follow the Master The Curriculum scheme that has proved to be popular and interactive and the children will be given opportunities to challenge themselves in each session.

Please encourage your child to spend 15-20 minutes every other day on TT Rockstars to ensure they are improving their times tables fluency and speed.

For the full National Curriculum for year 5 Maths please click here.

Foundation Subjects

This half term we will be learning about the following:

Science - Space: Gravity, Forces in Motion and the Solar System.

Music - Gustav Holt and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds

PSHE - Get Heart Smart and Conflicting Feelings

Spanish - Introduction to Spanish and Greetings

Religious Education - Islam - Ummah and Haaj

Physical Education - Gymnastics and Multi Skills

Geography - Sparkling South Africa 

Art - Chalk Drawing and Peter Thorpe




 Please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher should you have any questions or queries.

Miss Sullivan = h.sullivan@emsworth.hants.sch.uk

Mrs Newton = l.newton@emsworth.hants.sch.uk